January 28, 2016

2016 Through the Eyes of ICT

So what has last year taught us that we should do differently this year?  Well, for starters, the Rand won’t be holding sway against the other major currencies any time soon and neither will Zuma be inspiring any form of confidence, either locally or abroad. Having said this, we should not forget that Netflix was launched here in SA last year, along with 130 other countries worldwide, and that, even though the cost of the service is in USD, Netflix reported one of the highest numbers of subscribers to the service in SA. ref: ITWeb.

Surprisingly enough it is the most expensive of the VOD services currently available in the country, through the normal channels or via a VPN tunnel. This just goes to show that the South African market demands quality services from vendors, no matter the cost implication, shown by MyBroadband in their article: Netflix versus ShowMax. ShowMax has welcomed the new player to the market, hoping that it will encourage the Internet-connected-South-African to pursue more VOD services, perhaps even trialling both Netflix and Showmax and, in the same way that cell phones weren’t for everyone at first but steadily increased in popularity over time, the market will eventually explode. Ref: Netflix is good for South Africa: ShowMax

If we read between lines, we can see that the market demands high quality service and relies on experience and brand loyalty to drive the customer service experience. This becomes even more apparent in the exchange rate when we compare the salary of IT Managers in SA and the US as shown by Mybroadband. That’s why BlackSnow ICT is here for you. Being the experts in ICT, we enable you to focus on the core strategies within your business environment while we ensure your ICT is looked after and resilient to the effects of our industry’s weather patterns.

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