February 14, 2018

How You Can Make Office Life More Bearable Today

Rocking the office life, from Monday to Friday, from 8 to 5, spending your day in the same cramped, small office gets really old, really fast. You’re thinking to yourself, it’s unavoidable, many of us simply have no choice, right? While it may be true that millions of South Africans have to spend their days hiding away from natural sunlight as they work hard take care of their families’, there are things we can do right now to make office life more bearable.

Trying to make office life easier to bear doesn’t mean you’re ungrateful or ‘difficult’ to work with. It just means you have the wherewithal to think beyond the ordinary in an effort to make office life a little more tolerable, while spending a large part of your day away from your family.

So in an effort to do just that, let’s take a look at some handy office hacks that you can use right now to make the time spent at the office a little bit more comfortable, productive and generally better. Each of these hacks are designed to help make office life instantly better while at work.

#1 Use Mother Nature to Change Any Office into a Private Oasis

By merely adding one plant to the office, you can greatly reduce both anxiety and stress levels in yourself and your colleagues, while also improving overall health. According to the UK’s University of Exeter, adding multiple plants to your office can increase creativity by up to 45% in team members.

Pro tip: When looking for office plants, you’re searching for low-light, low maintenance plants.

#2 Work Using a Sit-Stand Desk

Standing desks have become all the rage in offices across South Africa. Sitting has been referred to as the new smoking, with health groups around the world urging people to liberate themselves from sedentary lifestyles. A great way of doing this is using the standing desk, or a sit-stand desk.

Pro tip: Even if you are able to stand for upwards of two hours a day at your desk, it has the potential of making a great different in your health.

#3 Stay Productive and Avoid Time-Sucking Websites

Is technology distracting you from getting through your daily tasks? Then use technology to fight technology and employ any of the many free extensions to help you do one thing: stay focused. Many times we’re unaware just how much time we lose by going on websites such as YouTube, Facebook and the like.

Pro tip: Stay Focused is a popular Chrome extension that’ll get you focused again in no time.

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