May 8, 2018

What to Consider When Choosing an Agency

Companies from across the economic spectrum are faced with the same question: which agency should they work with to realise their digital marketing goals? Having spent countless hours working on campaigns with different clients, I’ve gained some insight in the process they follow in reaching their final decision.

Although I’ve often offered some surface level advice whenever someone asks me how they should choose their agency, I’ve often thought about this to a deeper degree. There are many factors involved with selecting an agency that fits a client’s specific needs. With that in mind, consider the following points I’ve put together to consider when choosing your next online marketing company.


#1 What Online Marketing Services Do You Actually Need from Your Agency?

While it might seem obvious, keep in mind that not all agencies focus on the same elements of advertising. Some more traditional agencies have built solid relationships with conventional media outlets in radio and print, while other agencies often incorporate and focus on the digital side.

This tends to provide them with a competitive edge in the marketplace. The first and very important question to ask yourself is whether you see yourself working with a digital and forward-thinking agency, or sticking with a traditional agency.

#2 Consider and Match Your Size

Try and find a digital marketing agency that matches your company’s size to some degree. Larger agencies generally only take on larger accounts and budgets, while turning away less prestigious projects. Don’t be offended if that’s the case, as it just means they’re not the right fit for your business. The key is to find an agency that will treat your brand with the respect it deserves.

#3 Style is a Reflection of Your Attitude

It’s tempting to assume all agencies can handle all tasks equally well. Anyone can follow a brief and probably produce a reasonable product, but your brand deserves more.

The idea here is to consider ‘style’ and ‘attitude’. What does your brand stand for, and what’s its attitude? Consider the agency’s portfolio, and make sure they’re able to communicate your brand’s attitude and voice.

#4 Decide on a Budget

Your company’s budget won’t appeal to every agency, so shop around until you find the right agency that’s willing to work within the confines of your budget. This allows you to focus on the guys willing to work to your budget, and create room for discussion on services that fit within your budget.

#5 Industry Experience

So you’ve found an agency capable of matching your budget, personality and preferred media. Have you considered whether they have experience in delivering results in your line of business? Work with an agency that can not only meet, but far exceed your expectations.


Hopefully the above will help you to find your perfect agency to help you reach your marketing and advertising goals. Good luck with your search, and make your brand shine!

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